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Here at Prep Consultants, we like to keep things productive by researching and developing new products to be used as survival items.  These products can take any form- a game, a firestarter, a holistic health product, a cooking utensil…. Survival is a diverse activity, as there are so many facets involved.

Fire Angel on a Rocket Fuel Disk

In order to keep our customers happy, we continually come up with new ways to ease the burden of being a survivalist in a “disposable” society.

Enjoy our products, and feel free to comment!  We want to hear YOUR ideas as well!



Strike Anywhere Waterproof 3MIN Mini Blazers
Rocket Fuel Paks
KMnO4 Firestarter Kits
Rocket Fuel Disks
Rocket Stove
Fist Fisher
Wrap Around Stove
Grab n Go Fatwood
Colloidal Silver Drops
eBay “Package Deal”- Firestarter Sampler Kit
*Strike Anywhere Waterproof 7 min Mega Blazers

Items “In the Pipeline”

*Survival Walking Stick
*Ultimate Survival Hat Kit
*RF Mini Disks
*Stones of Awareness
*eBay available “Package Deals”
*15 min burn Waterproof RF Disks
Holistic Health-
*MMS drops
* Colloidal Silver Infused Bentonite Clay Salve
* Cayenne Pepper Tincture
* Holistic First Aid Kit
* Toothcare paste

Colloidal Silver Infused Bentonite Clay Salve

Colloidal Silver Infused Bentonite Clay Salve

MMS Drop Kit

pc ebay kits 008

PC Firestarter Sampler Pack

Strike Anywhere 7 min Mega Blazers


Mystery Pic

Stones of Awareness

Stones of Awareness


Prep Consultants – On the Road!

In the spirit of keeping our customers up to date on our events, we now have a page on our website for such announcements. Feel free to follow us,  as we will keep this page up to date!


 May 3, 2014

On the Road to the B&A Flea Market!  Come get your firestarter supplies!  Our Prep Consultant Original Products were enthusiastically accepted by the crowd. Talk about “On the Road”… we are now on the internet superhighway! Follow us on Twitter@PrepCon7, Facebook @ Prep Consultants or Instagram-prepconsultants. Need supplies? Order some! CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR PRODUCTS


March 22-23, 2014 

Prep Consultants, “On the Road” again!    We will be at the Port St. Lucie Gun Show Saturday and Sunday

Building the Rocket Stove

Rocket Stove

March 22-23, 2014, at the Port Saint Lucie Civic Center 9221 S.E. Civic Center Place. Off Walton Rd. & U.S.1 in Port Saint Lucie, Florida.  Come see our new ROCKET STOVES!  Efficient, fire from literal sticks in the backyard…. Have us customize one for your backyard, your mobile home plot, take one to your favorite campsite!  Guaranteed to please the backyard BBQ’er .  With its’ portability and custom paint job, EVERY outdoor kitchen should have one!  Let us put one together for you. 

Rocket Stove Compact Rocket StoveCompact Rocket Stove084086

February 25-27, 2014

Backpack Rocket Stove

Great little stove for on the trail.

Prep Consultants….  “ON THE ROAD!”  Manatee Hammock Campground- Titusville, Fl.  Exceptional Camp!  Enjoyed doing product testing on the stoves we endorse- the rocket stove and the backpacking model is the SHIZNET for sure!  These camp stoves  use twigs and deliver a powerful fire that lasts as long as you want to keep feeding it…. but you don’t need a chainsaw to keep these guys going.  Check the 016pics.031021

We thoroughly enjoyed product testing!  The camp size rocket stove produced an extremely powerful flame.

Blazin using small sticks!

Cookin on the Camp Size Rocket Stove!

We were able to do much cooking, despite the rain drenching much of our wood supply.  The stove came through and we are looking forward to our next trip!  The model Eco Zoom Wood Stove in VERSA, if you order through our store. Happy Browsing!

PC Firestarter Kit

Best Firestarter Kit I have seen for the price!

By The Way…. Fire starting was a breeze with Prep Consultants own “Firestarter Kit”….. Leave your info in the comments,  the order our “FIRESTARTER KIT” , and we’ll send you one…. $7.50 + minimal shipping 🙂


February 15, 2014

Have Survival Kits, will Travel

Prep Consultants Survival Kits Get Great Welcoming!

Prep Consultants first time out!   Trading Post Flea Market in Okeechobee, Fl. was an educational experience for sure.  Although not many people chose to spend money, many visitors took a healthy interest in our goal of educating people on survival, self sufficiency and the need for creating a family preparedness plan.  Our selection of kits sparked some interesting conversation, as well as opening discussion on all kinds of preparedness techniques.  Thank You to all who visited our table- and signed up on our email list.  If you are interested in receiving updates on our company’s event activities and developments, feel free to send your email address via the comment / contact form throughout the website. 🙂


When systems fail, we need to be ready.  If you are currently taking a perscription medication, it would behoove you to research sustainable methods of replacing your meds in case of a long term collapse of systems.  Certainly, beefing up your personal health status is essential to survival, as we should be physically able to meet the challenging demands of a post disaster situation.  There are many herbal remedies one can actually grow!  Research is in order.  There are several items we have experience with- good for infection protection.  PREVENTIVE PRODUCTS such as Hydrogen peroxide, colloidal silver, MMS, can be purchased below- for starters. Personal health is most important for you to be able to continue on, and survive a collapse of all systems health.

In the name of awareness, Prep Consultants is always in the informative video search.   Check back often or JOIN OUR EMAIL LIST!  You will be more knowledgeable for your involvement.


Holistic Dentist, Dr Vinograd, Lectures at the Gerson Institute Published on Jul 6, 2013
The use of biocompatible materials, preferred holistic dental techniques, and the use of ozonized water to prevent gum disease.






Water treatment and storage is an essential cog in the wheel of surviving a catastrophe.  The “Rule of Threes” put water as a top priority, as a person can last -at best- three days without water.  Consider a power outage lasting a couple of weeks… you definitely want to secure a clean fresh water resource.  This is where good planning comes in. Either you have on hand clean water, water treatment, or a good filtration system, or you may find yourself searching out water- which will inevitably increase your need for water.  The answer?  Be prepared!

As previously stated, the products listed in our online store have been tested and approved, or come highly recommended from a reputable source.  DON'T BE FOOLED!  Black Berkey IS NOT British Berkfield.  In the Black Berkey Filter, the filters are flawed and are poorly made, therefore the test results are questionable.  As fellow Preppers, we must disclose any flaws in products, as the market is FULL of supplies, some of them of lesser quality than others. Our store is accessible through the sidebar link- RECOMMENDED SURVIVAL PRODUCTS. Feel free to browse!


bottled water

In addition to the toxic packaging…..

John Green

I worked for Poland Spring (Great Spring Waters of America / Nestle) for 5 years, which controls approximately 85% of the bottled water industry. This video is misleading and leaves out some very important facts.
Original Emailed Video in Circulation:

1. Spring water comes from deep in the ground, cannot hit air during the extraction process, otherwise it must be called artisian water.

2. That Everest water was distilled – it’s from a municipal water source, because it makes no sense to boil steam and remove pure water from spring water. If people want spring water, they shouldn’t be buying distilled – it is the consumers’ responsibility to read the label. Buying Arrowhead water doesn’t mean it has arrowheads in it or Sparkletts, a company in the southwest, doesn’t contain sparkles.

3. Tap Water – Hundreds of examples where tap water is being contaminated, and the town does little more than send a letter to your house- after the fact -telling you that your water may be unsafe to drink. Happened to me in NJ!

4. Tap water contains fluoride – a known neurotoxin. Fluoride is a poison that is being added to municipal water supplies without our consent – no mention of this in the video.

5. The weak link in the bottling process are the containers themselves. The milky white plastic container is bad – it is a petroleum based product that leaches toxins into the water, especially when exposed to heat or sunlight. Leave a bottle in the sun for a week and taste the water – you’ll see what I mean.

6.  5 Gallon bottles, made of Lexan.  Supposedly the plastic is bad for you – I’ve never been able to taste any chemicals even after the water has been sitting for months.  It doesn’t mean that they’re not present,  I just think if there is any, it’s probably a small amount.

7.  The small hard plastic “pet” bottles are made of a harder plastic and less likely to leach, they’re the safest of all. Of course, glass is the best,  but good luck finding any water sold in glass bottles

Going back to the 5 gallon bottle – those bottles are re-used. You don’t know what’s been put in them from the last person that’s had them, and the cleaning process is really not that good. I have lots of stories on that issue alone.

In general – if you want pure water – filter it yourself.  Get a good water filter and use a trusted source. I prefer a well because many filters will not remove fluoride and none will remove nano-fluoride – the new direction the industry is going.

The bottled water industry is somewhat  self –regulated;  although they still can face fines and legal action if food safety guidelines are not followed.

Funny video but it’s very misleading and those idiots in the restaurant – a saying comes to mind – a fool and his money are soon parted.   Hope this helps.

bottled water

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Original Emailed Video in Circulation

FIRE WATER: Official Full Length Documentary

Plastics to Avoid

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Prep Consultants have put together a collection of survival products specifically chosen to complete your disaster preparedness plans.  The products we are listing have been tried and evaluated by reputable resources.  Although there may be many different brands of the same product, our listings here have the backing of Prep Consultants.  Click on the category of your choice to see our corresponding product list and link to purchase.  By using our link to purchase these survival products, you assist us in funding this project.  Our goal?  Plan, prep, survive.

As Preparation Consultants, we are aware of the desire of some of our customers to fly under the radar, so to speak. We understand some people’s  preference when it comes to anonymity when purchasing supplies for long term survival preparation. In an effort to support this paradigm, our (recommended) products listed within the articles or during our on site consultation, can be ordered and delivered C.O.D. Our products come from multiple vendors, some are single purchase items, some are bulk supplies which take advantage of substantial savings.  Upon assessment of your current situation and the level of preparedness you are in the process of creating; together we will construct a plan, including your custom survival supplies in your order.  We will ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit, and deliver your products COD as soon as they arrive. Transactions can be done at your home or place of business, using cash, all hand delivered. We strive to meet the needs and desires of our customers and take pride in treating each customer as an individual that requires individual treatment…basically treating people the way we’d like to be treated.

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