Water treatment and storage is an essential cog in the wheel of surviving a catastrophe.  The “Rule of Threes” put water as a top priority, as a person can last -at best- three days without water.  Consider a power outage lasting a couple of weeks… you definitely want to secure a clean fresh water resource.  This is where good planning comes in. Either you have on hand clean water, water treatment, or a good filtration system, or you may find yourself searching out water- which will inevitably increase your need for water.  The answer?  Be prepared!

As previously stated, the products listed in our online store have been tested and approved, or come highly recommended from a reputable source.  DON'T BE FOOLED!  Black Berkey IS NOT British Berkfield.  In the Black Berkey Filter, the filters are flawed and are poorly made, therefore the test results are questionable.  As fellow Preppers, we must disclose any flaws in products, as the market is FULL of supplies, some of them of lesser quality than others. Our store is accessible through the sidebar link- RECOMMENDED SURVIVAL PRODUCTS. Feel free to browse!


Condominium Prep Package- UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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Imagine a 2 week power outage.  Are YOU ready? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When disaster strikes unexpectedly, you could find yourself in any situation- in traffic, in an elevator, taking a nap in your penthouse apartment….. While you can’t be packin’ survival equipment everywhere you go, at least have your home ready for living without electric.  When your home is in a high rise apartment building, that takes a special kind of prep.
you’ll be glad you did!

Call Prep consultants for your condo package, the more the merrier…. When more occupants of a building are prepared,  the inconvenience of losing power for an indeterminate amount of time can be more survivable.   We will come to you, asses the situation, and come up with a custom plan that will fit your budget (that’s the goal…) and your lifestyle. Closely maintaining your current standard of living in a disaster is a possibility with proper planning and being PREPARED!

Listed are some survival products backed by Prep Consultants for their dependability and effectiveness.  Purchase through our site and receive a token of our appreciation.


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Prep Consultants have put together a collection of survival products specifically chosen to complete your disaster preparedness plans.  The products we are listing have been tried and evaluated by reputable resources.  Although there may be many different brands of the same product, our listings here have the backing of Prep Consultants.  Click on the category of your choice to see our corresponding product list and link to purchase.  By using our link to purchase these survival products, you assist us in funding this project.  Our goal?  Plan, prep, survive.

As Preparation Consultants, we are aware of the desire of some of our customers to fly under the radar, so to speak. We understand some people’s  preference when it comes to anonymity when purchasing supplies for long term survival preparation. In an effort to support this paradigm, our (recommended) products listed within the articles or during our on site consultation, can be ordered and delivered C.O.D. Our products come from multiple vendors, some are single purchase items, some are bulk supplies which take advantage of substantial savings.  Upon assessment of your current situation and the level of preparedness you are in the process of creating; together we will construct a plan, including your custom survival supplies in your order.  We will ask for a 20% non-refundable deposit, and deliver your products COD as soon as they arrive. Transactions can be done at your home or place of business, using cash, all hand delivered. We strive to meet the needs and desires of our customers and take pride in treating each customer as an individual that requires individual treatment…basically treating people the way we’d like to be treated.

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Survival Garden


garden rain barrel irrigation

Perhaps all you are interested in is a survival garden.  Let Prep Consultants come up with the custom plans for a raised bed garden for your backyard.  We can even help you with a patio garden for apartment dwellers.  We will provide a list of plantings and planting schedules for the plants you have chosen.

Having a survival garden will prove to be invaluable, regardless of the disaster situation.  Imagine, fresh produce daily, straight from your own backyard.  It is a multifaceted type of “relief” when you see yourself able to function “off grid”, especially while living in the middle of gridville.

Prep Consultants will do a home assessment, determining the best placement of your garden, evaluate your garden goals, and decide how to make this work, regardless of your ability to pump water.  In a crisis situation, no electricity will put the brakes on any gardening activity without the ability to pump water.

55 Gallon Water Barrel


Fruit trees are great to have!  For a little maintenance, you could be overflowing with in season ripe fruits- when others are unable to buy produce from the store…..you and your family and friends will have what they need to survive.  Let us not forget canning your extra- for food provisions are needed in the off season as well.

There’s nothing better than to go out to your own back yard and collect what you need to prepare that great meal.  In these uncertain times, knowing you are growing food- is priceless.