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Did the Mayans Run out of Paper?
Lynn Falcones

art Mayan calendarYou’ve researched- watched videos-know who David Icke is…..you have stored food, water, first aid- solar panels, everything gathered to hunker down for months…..you’ve formed your relationships, developed community…have a bug out trailer stashed in your garage, ready for a midnight exodus , hidden, under the dark night sky…. You’ve got gas stored, water drums, seeds saved……Bibles in sealed containers….crank weather radios, solar walkie- talkies…..
You’ve got the perimeter set with trip wires, small underground habitats installed- ammunition and relief food packed, camouflage gear for foot travel….mosquito nets….suffice to say, YOU ARE PREPARED. After all, money was no object, it was not a stretch to store these supplies in your home.
And now, to sit and wait. December 21, 2012 is the last day on not only the Mayan calendar, but also depicted in the pyramids both in Egypt and Mexico…the circumstances depicted in the Georgia Stones, stories corresponding to current scenarios told in the Bible… The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us- the tsunamis, outbreaks, planet Nibiru is on the path to our destruction…….
What to do?
I suggest, work on inner peace. Consider life without the threat of impending doom. A life where you are happy to enjoy what you have, be thankful for overall health, and where you enjoy a peace that passes all understanding. This is what you, too can have- as soon as you realize this life is not at all the way we were brought up to believe it is.
It has always been about bigger and better. More, more, more. Whoever dies with the most toys, wins. Competition among friends and neighbors. People pulling away, isolating themselves, instead of banding together for a common cause. It seems that social media has brought us together, but in reality, we just think that. For when you actually physically visit your friends, well, things are not as they are depicted in photo albums and trite statuses. Everyone is suffering, struggling, scared. Even the richest of the richest still want for more- of something.
Imagine if our society could start over, learn from our mistakes, use our developed technologies in a far more earth friendly way- redesign our cities, our infrastructure, our economic system….
I see the “end of the world” as a huge opportunity to rebuild, in a way more pleasing to God. In a way more conducive to creating the lives we all really want. A real path to that peace that surpasses all understanding.
All the prepping and storage in the world will not make things better for anyone, if we continue to live under the auspices of false security money and stuff seem to allow us to have. The mentality of personal invincibility must be eradicated, and traded in for a new paradigm. Want to be prepared?
Be ready to let go of your Iphone, Ipad, internet, high horse, electronic gadgetry…..your TV, Ipod, air conditioning….your favorite blanket…that recliner. The only way up is out. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Old ideas for current times. Pay attention, make a plan, then live your life according to YOU, and the basic morality we have already learned.
Your mental adjustment to the changes on their way will help you survive. Minimalizing the importance of extrinsic inanimate support will make way for a more spiritual and connected existence.
As money was no object before, money is no object once again. Now, a man is measured based on his ethics, not on his wallet contents….this is the new world we will be living in.
Have no fear, the preparations you have been making are not wasted, as the provisions will help carry you through the transition. The preparations will help you learn the new social code- doing unto others, sharing…teamwork in survival. If there is no relief after the supplies run out, the skills developed during the transition will carry you to survival. We will all learn that we do not operate alone, that we are all interconnected, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction-every action. We will see the old system as unusually violent and greedy, neglectful and self- serving….we will wonder how it all remained intact for so long….how did we ever believe there was no end, that we were invincible as Americans, as individuals…How did we ever take tomorrow for granted? Perhaps the Mayans didn’t run out of paper, they simply ran out of patience. 



PREP CONSULTANTS  has partnered with Intershelter to bring you the BEST in Emergency Shelters that have a wide variety of uses:

PC Dome hunt pc dome PC dome off


Imagine having the ability to set up a inpenetrable, strong shelter that will keep you warm, dry and safe after an earthquake, hurricane, tornado or flood. What if you knew that that same shelter would keep you safe IN a hurricane, earthquake and flood? Intrigued?

Our shelters are rated to resist CAT 5 hurricane winds and are built to withstand earthquakes as large as an 8.5!

The InterShelter™ is a patented, revolutionary portable shelter, made of a high-tech aerospace composite material, or cutting edge HD plastic that has bridged the gap from tents and trailers to traditionally built framed houses.

Built to sustain hurricane strength winds or earthquakes and insulated to stay warm in extreme arctic sub-zero degree weather or cool in hot desert climates, these structures can be assembled in just a few hours by three untrained people. The pieces can fit in the back of a pick up truck can be set up on almost any terrain!Portable Dome



Our Domes can be made to work perfectly using Solar and Wind power to completely Live Off The Grid! Whether you need the Dome for temporary purposes or for longer term, now you have the best of both worlds available to you! Our Solar Dome is totally off the grid, sustainable, energy efficient with a net-zero carbon foot print that “leaves no trace behind” when moved or re-deployed”.



Okay, so maybe it’s not as fast as a tent, but it’s pretty quick, unless you’re like me and have trouble putting up a tent, then, it might be FASTER! But STRONG AS A BUNKER? REALLY? YES!!!!! We can make your Dome BULLET & even BOMB PROOF! InterShelter announces the ability to turn Domes into bullet and bomb proof bunkers with use of an amazing product called Dragon Shield that the US Military is using!

The Best Insulation on Earth? Possibly!

From the Desert to the Antarctic!

An insulated dome is like a good Coleman® cooler… it will keep cool inside when it is hot out and keep warm inside with just a small heat source when it is cold out! Our insulated domes are good to go in any climate, from desert to Antarctica.

Off the grid? Go GREEN! We can now heat and cool your Dome with the new “SolCool” solar-powered AC/Heater package! Get the ultimate in eco-friendly, “GREEN Housing!”Solar AC / Heat

We strive to provide our clients with new and innovative ways to provide shelter in every climate and terrain on earth. After examining countless ways and products to insulate our domes we came in contact with a independently manufactured product called P2000.
P2000 is a hybrid rigid-board insulation that in our opinion is decades ahead of the conventional ideas and products used for insulating building structures. P2000 is made with a dense expanded polystyrene (EPS) core and utilizes a high grade reflective finish on one side and a very durable white woven finish on the other. P2000 kits for our Omnisphere come precut to fit in the interior of our structures with no fasteners because of this woven finish; all you have to do is tape the seams. The added benefit once you’ve installed the P2000 kit in your Omnisphere and taped the seams is that you now have a vapor barrier, radiant and convection heat barrier, wind barrier, thermal barrier, bug barrier and a beautifully finished interior for your Omnisphere.pc dome insulation

Our P2000 insulation kits have been field tested from the areas of Fairbanks, Alaska, at 35 degrees below F to the deserts of the Middle East at 115 degrees F. With the P2000 kits you can warm your Omnisphere to 72 degrees F when it’s 35 below outside with nothing more then a 1,500 watt space heater. The P2000 kits come in thicknesses of 5/8″ and 1″ thick. Whether you are setting up base camp at Mt. Everest or the plains of the Sahara; the insulated Omnisphere will provide you with the luxury comforts of home.



pc dome off grid 2

The number of uses for the Dome are endless! If you can think of it, you can do it!!! Here are just a few of the ways the Domes are already being used!
•Emergency Shelters
•Storm & Disaster ReliefPC dome labor shelter
•Hunting Camps
•Recreational Use/Vacation Homes
•Professional Offices
•Church Missions – Schools/Housing/Churches
•Student Housing
•Homeless Communities   pc dome medical command postPC dome group pc dome communitypc dome kitchen3
•Dry storage for federal or county work crews
•Campground Shelters
•National Park Ranger Facilities
•Agricultural Storage Units
•Field Offices or Command Centers
•Public Restrooms
•Migrant Worker Housing
•Military Uses


Portable Domes offer several advantages to the hunter(‘s). It permits extended hunting trips with more time devoted to hunting and learning the area and carries very few scents that could detour game in the area. It allows the hunter to stay in or close to game country, where they can spend less time setting up a hunting camp and more time actually hunting in those sites. The Dome allows persons who enjoy the camping/hunting experience to expand the enjoyment of their hunting experience and to share it with a few like-minded people (our domes can sleep up to 6 men comfortably). It allows the hunter to “get away from it all” and recreate his or her spirit in the atmosphere of enjoyment.

Setting up the dome is easy and cost effective for year after year enjoyment. Since our portable domes are made from aerospace plastic it will not discolor or rot. Our dome will serve your needs for more than 20 years and best of all.. You can take it down and move it for any other need you may have such as a storm shelter or a wood shop. Standard dome features include 2 sliding windows and a metal door. The windows can be configured in about any location alongside the dome for front and rear viewing.

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The benefits of Intershelter Domes for Hunting Camps and retreats:

•Cool during the heat of day and warm at night
•Taken down and reassembled as many times as needed
•Life expectancy of over 30 years
•Does not dampen or mildew
•Can withstand hurricane strength wind
•Fire resistant
•Strong enough to shelter from falling rocks
•Omits very few odors
•Camo netting can be placed over the dome shelter to provide invisibility to game.
Living Quarters
One 20-foot pod can shelter up to 12 men on bunks while a compound of five shelters can accommodate 60 men with a living area between.


pc dome inside

Customize your new Dome to your heart’s content! Want your Dome for camping or hunting? Ask for it in brown or green to camouflage into your surroundings! Want it for a playhouse for your daughter? It can come in pink! There are a myriad of colors it can come in. You can winterize it to withstand below zero temperatures or add a solar package to keep it cool in the most extreme of desert heats. Add walls, a kitchen, beds, windows, office equipment, storage racks, the possibilities are endless!
Photos of our domes:

pc dome inside 4 pc dome kitchen pc dome inside 6 pc dome inside 5


pc dome compare size

The Intershelter Dome comes in two sizes: 14′ with a 9′ high ceiling and 20′ with a 12′ high ceiling.
The 20′ Dome contains: 312 SF with 500 SF possible with Loft.

The Intershelter Dome comes standard with 1 heavy duty door w/lock and 2 insulated sliding glass windows. Heavy duty storm resistant or bear proof windows are also available. Due to customer demand we have put together a series of foundation designs and innovative interior layouts which are available on their site. Intershelter also provides consulting and mobile installation services.


Email us for more info and any questions you may have!!!

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