Energy is essential if your plan is to maintain your current quality of life in a disaster scenario.  Surely the power grid can fail, and you can be left powerless.  There are several ways to prepare for this- generators, solar, propane to name a few. There are also strategies to lessen the impact of having no accessible power.

Considering going Solar to keep you going if the grid fails? We are IN!

One of the energy related services provided by Prep Consultants allows us to calculate the amount of power you plan to use post disaster.  (This power will be provided by your custom solar generator / solar panels / maybe even passive solar systems.)  What a great place to utilize SOLAR ENERGY :  Florida,  “THE SUNSHINE STATE” …..

We are able to determine your predicted use, determine your need, identify the sources of power  draw from the fuse box,  then design the appropriate solar set up for use… in the quest for independence, sustainability and off grid comfortable living.  The goal?  To maintain pre disaster lifestyles as sustainably and economically feasible as possible.

This is such a broad scope of information, the section is still under construction.  Check back on our progress!




In order to somewhat maintain your current quality of life in a post disaster situation, being able to cook is always a blessing.  From warming up some coffee to cooking your catch, as well as dehydrating, listed below are a few viable choices when it comes to cooking and food prep. Check back for more info as our site grows!

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BioLite Wood Burning Campstove

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Excalibur 3900B

9 Tray Deluxe Dehydrator, Black



Water treatment and storage is an essential cog in the wheel of surviving a catastrophe.  The “Rule of Threes” put water as a top priority, as a person can last -at best- three days without water.  Consider a power outage lasting a couple of weeks… you definitely want to secure a clean fresh water resource.  This is where good planning comes in. Either you have on hand clean water, water treatment, or a good filtration system, or you may find yourself searching out water- which will inevitably increase your need for water.  The answer?  Be prepared!

As previously stated, the products listed in our online store have been tested and approved, or come highly recommended from a reputable source.  DON'T BE FOOLED!  Black Berkey IS NOT British Berkfield.  In the Black Berkey Filter, the filters are flawed and are poorly made, therefore the test results are questionable.  As fellow Preppers, we must disclose any flaws in products, as the market is FULL of supplies, some of them of lesser quality than others. Our store is accessible through the sidebar link- RECOMMENDED SURVIVAL PRODUCTS. Feel free to browse!