FOOD, Homegrown to Prepared

Food provisions are the backbone to any survival plan.  While living in uncertain times, it is a relief to know you have stored foods.  Stored foods come in many ranges and from different sources.  Growing your own food could lead to you stocking away canned veggies, fruit jellies and jams, dehydrated produce, dried beans- Having some extra buying power could land you to prep packaged MRE’s and food bars- algae and protein powders….
Regardless, nutrition planning is critical to survival.  How ya gonna get YOUR 2000 calories a day?  We want to make it easy for you! Feel free to order any helpful products from our Amazon store or our supporter Emergency Essentials. Feel even freer to have us do a garden consultation with you!
All Natural Foods

Venezuela Enforces Fingerprint Registry to Buy Groceries

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In order to somewhat maintain your current quality of life in a post disaster situation, being able to cook is always a blessing.  From warming up some coffee to cooking your catch, as well as dehydrating, listed below are a few viable choices when it comes to cooking and food prep. Check back for more info as our site grows!

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