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Some of us (Trump Supporters) …. (my head was just moving faster than my fingers) just want to see the country remain AS a country- and have good relations with the rest of the world. Some of us want to see America be a PRODUCING country- not dependent hyper consumers- Some of us want to allow people in our country legally- to avoid dealing with yet more criminality- Some of us want to preserve the rights fought for us (some of us don’t believe in fighting, per se)- and do not want to see America become part of a NEW WORLD ORDER fueled by unGodly energy….. And I personally wish my HRC friends would actually research the issues- and see where the BUSH-CLINTON regime has been leading this country- who fuels them (Check George Soros and his 5 steps to overthrowing a country)…. (Check John Podestas- (HRC Campaign Manager and cohort for 20+ years), personal art collection) What interest does the Rothschild Family have in American Politics to throw in millions of dollars on HRC campaign? Whats the AGENDA there? Who controls our MEDIA? …. Some of us want to see America restored and recovered from the corruption that has been going on … Have a look at who contributes to the Clinton Foundation- Check the ties to Quatar, Saudi Arabia….the list is unbelievably long, the atrocities going on behind the scenes. The only way out from this was Trump- as 1. No one else hit the issues head on 2. no one else was in the mix to choose from.
I feel like my friends who I thought had a modicum of personal respect for me- are totally discounting what I have to share- derived from my time spent in discussion with veteran researchers and my own research. Not my personal projection or opinion- the depravity is REAL- and I am a truth warrior- not a fanatic Republican….. Not even registered Republican- the UNBELIEVABLE corruption existing in our government has to be stopped – or we will be at war with the world- causing mass chaos- and ending with US being a completely different animal. What to tell your children? We’ve been duped as a society, dumbed down with artificial chemicals in our food, water,and personal products (Glyphosate found in TAMPONS?) ….. Seriously, its several complex issues- and we as a Country need OUT. Fearful of the “Tone and Example Trump “will set”? 1. Russian President Vladimir Putin is now open to peaceful negotiations with America- as opposed to be preparing for World War 3. That’s a relief! 2. Watch Trump’s acceptance speech- and check the tone. 3. We the People who stand behind Donald Trump will be as patient as possible with the HRC fans who refuse to see these truths- because- the TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT! Then, we will be unified in thanking God we had a voice in American Politics. Hope that day comes soon, as we are dividing OURSELVES with this. And please, don’t shoot the messenger!


Prep Consultants~ Question of the Week…


Here is an opportunity for our customers to have their Prep Questions answered.  Everyone who leaves us a question will be entitled to a 10% discount on our products and services as long as the promotion lasts.  We will choose one question per week and post the answer we come up with on our website, Facebook Page, Twitter@PrepCon7 and on Instagram (prepconsultants).  Should prove to be interesting! Check out some of the questions rolling in.


* How do you use the stuff in the Survival Kit in a Can?
* Where can you get food bars to store?
* Are you prepping for the Zombie Apocalypse?

We will be choosing from our ever-growing list every WEEK and posting our answers as soon as we do the research.  While you’re here, join our mailing list!

Prep Consultants~ “In The Pipeline”

Here at Prep Consultants, we like to keep things productive by researching and developing new products to be used as survival items.  These products can take any form- a game, a firestarter, a holistic health product, a cooking utensil…. Survival is a diverse activity, as there are so many facets involved.

Fire Angel on a Rocket Fuel Disk

In order to keep our customers happy, we continually come up with new ways to ease the burden of being a survivalist in a “disposable” society.

Enjoy our products, and feel free to comment!  We want to hear YOUR ideas as well!



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Items “In the Pipeline”

*Survival Walking Stick
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* Toothcare paste

Colloidal Silver Infused Bentonite Clay Salve

Colloidal Silver Infused Bentonite Clay Salve

MMS Drop Kit

pc ebay kits 008

PC Firestarter Sampler Pack

Strike Anywhere 7 min Mega Blazers


Mystery Pic

Stones of Awareness

Stones of Awareness

The Attitude of Survival- Prep Yourself!

“The Attitude of Survival”

Lynn Falcones

With the onslaught of today’s societal concerns, on the top of this list is survival. After all, if you don’t survive, all birds kingfisher2else is moot. There are so many ways to attack the issue of survival.  There is the need for water, food and shelter.  There is the need for security.  At the pinnacle of this pile of issues resides awareness.

Awareness has many levels. Is there someone following you? That feeling you get when you feel pursued?  That’s awareness. Being aware of your surroundings would be a top priority. Being aware of little dangers around the home….being aware of accidents waiting to happen….being aware of governmental actions which may become problematic- being aware of how to avoid disasters within disasters… Along with awareness comes a certain height of preparedness.  I sleep with a night stick these days. An intruder better be aware that I’m gonna slam the crap out of them in one swift and powerful swing.  If he’s not prepared…well, he will be NEXT time…if his brain still functions.

The point is not violence, or unreasonable hoarding.  The point is- knowledge is power.  Study up!  There’s much to know about surviving the onslaught of impending disasters.

As I see it, the power lies in the attitude of each person. If you have a defeatist outlook, you are sure to fail.  It is easy to fall into this trap just thinking about future inconveniences….imagine when you are living it. The depression arising from moving to third world status needs to be replaced with exhiliration for just living, the privilege to be alive on this planet….living with the souls you have connected with on your journey. Loved ones.

Self regulation. Theres gonna be many opportunities to self regulate. First and foremost will be not wasting commodoties. Got water? Better treat it like liquid gold.  Got food? Better make it last.  There will be no room for gluttony in a disaster situation. There will be no room for oppositional stances. You may not want to be the firekeeper, but don’t fight it….embrace the tasks at hand as though God was watching…every time. Always be mindful that times are tough, and we are all in the same boat…especially when it comes to sufferage.

Create that vortex of survivability.  Shine your light through the darkness which accompanies disaster.  The fallout goes on …forever…and it is our responsibility to bring others into this vortex.

Hence, Prep Consultants. We’ re here to pull you into our survival vortex.  You don’t have to be doomsday, to be in the vortex!  Be opposite.  Take on the attitude of gratitude. Recognize the beauty of the natural world…the cyclic existence your life will change into…being dependant and aware of the  nuts and bolts of real survival.  Find that peace that passes all understanding.  Pass that peace to others by your actions.

People will be at their worst in the aftermath of disaster.  After the honeymoon- taking in the destruction, processing the meaning of it all…there will be the temptation to freak out.  Maybe many people will feel the urge to simply end it all… After all, with no Iphone running their lives, no wifi or gps to determine your whereabouts…many people will be so lost, so unaware, so hopeless, so lacking in the life force- they may become suicidal.

The days will be long, the nights even longer.  The light will be determined by the rise and fall of the sun, the food and water you have will be dependant on how prepared you are.  Preparedness- not just the items you managed to store during “the good times”, but your awareness and attitude…the way you treat others, will ultimately determine your survivability.  There is a need for a paradigm shift.  In the survival mode, no man is an island.  Everything must be shared.  People will have to boost each other up.  Each one teach one.  Faith will be tried, even hopes will be changed.  No longer will your child long for that tablet.  Fresh, clean water will trump electronics.  Days will be filled with surviving.  I find that exhilarating, not defeatest. It will be refreshing to live a real life- in the aftermath of disaster.  Were YOU aware of this paradigm? Welcome to the vortex of exhilarating survival.

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