Post Election Discussion

In response to a Facebook post…..

Some of us (Trump Supporters) …. (my head was just moving faster than my fingers) just want to see the country remain AS a country- and have good relations with the rest of the world. Some of us want to see America be a PRODUCING country- not dependent hyper consumers- Some of us want to allow people in our country legally- to avoid dealing with yet more criminality- Some of us want to preserve the rights fought for us (some of us don’t believe in fighting, per se)- and do not want to see America become part of a NEW WORLD ORDER fueled by unGodly energy….. And I personally wish my HRC friends would actually research the issues- and see where the BUSH-CLINTON regime has been leading this country- who fuels them (Check George Soros and his 5 steps to overthrowing a country)…. (Check John Podestas- (HRC Campaign Manager and cohort for 20+ years), personal art collection) What interest does the Rothschild Family have in American Politics to throw in millions of dollars on HRC campaign? Whats the AGENDA there? Who controls our MEDIA? …. Some of us want to see America restored and recovered from the corruption that has been going on … Have a look at who contributes to the Clinton Foundation- Check the ties to Quatar, Saudi Arabia….the list is unbelievably long, the atrocities going on behind the scenes. The only way out from this was Trump- as 1. No one else hit the issues head on 2. no one else was in the mix to choose from.
I feel like my friends who I thought had a modicum of personal respect for me- are totally discounting what I have to share- derived from my time spent in discussion with veteran researchers and my own research. Not my personal projection or opinion- the depravity is REAL- and I am a truth warrior- not a fanatic Republican….. Not even registered Republican- the UNBELIEVABLE corruption existing in our government has to be stopped – or we will be at war with the world- causing mass chaos- and ending with US being a completely different animal. What to tell your children? We’ve been duped as a society, dumbed down with artificial chemicals in our food, water,and personal products (Glyphosate found in TAMPONS?) ….. Seriously, its several complex issues- and we as a Country need OUT. Fearful of the “Tone and Example Trump “will set”? 1. Russian President Vladimir Putin is now open to peaceful negotiations with America- as opposed to be preparing for World War 3. That’s a relief! 2. Watch Trump’s acceptance speech- and check the tone. 3. We the People who stand behind Donald Trump will be as patient as possible with the HRC fans who refuse to see these truths- because- the TRUTH ALWAYS COMES OUT! Then, we will be unified in thanking God we had a voice in American Politics. Hope that day comes soon, as we are dividing OURSELVES with this. And please, don’t shoot the messenger!


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