12-21-12 …..

Did the Mayans Run out of Paper?
Lynn Falcones

art Mayan calendarYou’ve researched- watched videos-know who David Icke is…..you have stored food, water, first aid- solar panels, everything gathered to hunker down for months…..you’ve formed your relationships, developed community…have a bug out trailer stashed in your garage, ready for a midnight exodus , hidden, under the dark night sky…. You’ve got gas stored, water drums, seeds saved……Bibles in sealed containers….crank weather radios, solar walkie- talkies…..
You’ve got the perimeter set with trip wires, small underground habitats installed- ammunition and relief food packed, camouflage gear for foot travel….mosquito nets….suffice to say, YOU ARE PREPARED. After all, money was no object, it was not a stretch to store these supplies in your home.
And now, to sit and wait. December 21, 2012 is the last day on not only the Mayan calendar, but also depicted in the pyramids both in Egypt and Mexico…the circumstances depicted in the Georgia Stones, stories corresponding to current scenarios told in the Bible… The Zombie Apocalypse is upon us- the tsunamis, outbreaks, planet Nibiru is on the path to our destruction…….
What to do?
I suggest, work on inner peace. Consider life without the threat of impending doom. A life where you are happy to enjoy what you have, be thankful for overall health, and where you enjoy a peace that passes all understanding. This is what you, too can have- as soon as you realize this life is not at all the way we were brought up to believe it is.
It has always been about bigger and better. More, more, more. Whoever dies with the most toys, wins. Competition among friends and neighbors. People pulling away, isolating themselves, instead of banding together for a common cause. It seems that social media has brought us together, but in reality, we just think that. For when you actually physically visit your friends, well, things are not as they are depicted in photo albums and trite statuses. Everyone is suffering, struggling, scared. Even the richest of the richest still want for more- of something.
Imagine if our society could start over, learn from our mistakes, use our developed technologies in a far more earth friendly way- redesign our cities, our infrastructure, our economic system….
I see the “end of the world” as a huge opportunity to rebuild, in a way more pleasing to God. In a way more conducive to creating the lives we all really want. A real path to that peace that surpasses all understanding.
All the prepping and storage in the world will not make things better for anyone, if we continue to live under the auspices of false security money and stuff seem to allow us to have. The mentality of personal invincibility must be eradicated, and traded in for a new paradigm. Want to be prepared?
Be ready to let go of your Iphone, Ipad, internet, high horse, electronic gadgetry…..your TV, Ipod, air conditioning….your favorite blanket…that recliner. The only way up is out. Tune in, turn on, drop out. Old ideas for current times. Pay attention, make a plan, then live your life according to YOU, and the basic morality we have already learned.
Your mental adjustment to the changes on their way will help you survive. Minimalizing the importance of extrinsic inanimate support will make way for a more spiritual and connected existence.
As money was no object before, money is no object once again. Now, a man is measured based on his ethics, not on his wallet contents….this is the new world we will be living in.
Have no fear, the preparations you have been making are not wasted, as the provisions will help carry you through the transition. The preparations will help you learn the new social code- doing unto others, sharing…teamwork in survival. If there is no relief after the supplies run out, the skills developed during the transition will carry you to survival. We will all learn that we do not operate alone, that we are all interconnected, for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction-every action. We will see the old system as unusually violent and greedy, neglectful and self- serving….we will wonder how it all remained intact for so long….how did we ever believe there was no end, that we were invincible as Americans, as individuals…How did we ever take tomorrow for granted? Perhaps the Mayans didn’t run out of paper, they simply ran out of patience. 


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