Keep Up with Prep Consultants


On The Road:

Prep Consultants “On the Road” lets YOU know where we have been, where we are going, and when we will be there!

On the Shelf:

Features our tested and approved original products~ ready for retail.


In the Pipeline:

Our products and services “In the Pipeline” go through rigorous Research and Development before making it “On the Shelf”.  Some things to look forward to!


Food for Thought:

Sometimes there is a “Teachable Moment”- that moment where you read some research article and your new knowledge brings in to focus something that ties things together…. like the “AHA” moment…  and we just want to share the info we find with our readers. We will do our best to keep it “Prep and Survival” oriented.  Knowing is Half the Battle.

Question of the Week: PC Flea Prep 5 040

People ask a lot of questions, and I thought it would be nice to hear what questions you may like answered by us.  We pick from the hat a question to answer. If we answer yours, you get a discount!


Demos Around Town: In the Pipeline!

Wouldn’t it be nice to see some of our products “In Action~ Demos Around Town”? Currently we are

interviewing for our “Home Base”.  We will keep you posted!




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