bottled water

In addition to the toxic packaging…..

John Green

I worked for Poland Spring (Great Spring Waters of America / Nestle) for 5 years, which controls approximately 85% of the bottled water industry. This video is misleading and leaves out some very important facts.
Original Emailed Video in Circulation:

1. Spring water comes from deep in the ground, cannot hit air during the extraction process, otherwise it must be called artisian water.

2. That Everest water was distilled – it’s from a municipal water source, because it makes no sense to boil steam and remove pure water from spring water. If people want spring water, they shouldn’t be buying distilled – it is the consumers’ responsibility to read the label. Buying Arrowhead water doesn’t mean it has arrowheads in it or Sparkletts, a company in the southwest, doesn’t contain sparkles.

3. Tap Water – Hundreds of examples where tap water is being contaminated, and the town does little more than send a letter to your house- after the fact -telling you that your water may be unsafe to drink. Happened to me in NJ!

4. Tap water contains fluoride – a known neurotoxin. Fluoride is a poison that is being added to municipal water supplies without our consent – no mention of this in the video.

5. The weak link in the bottling process are the containers themselves. The milky white plastic container is bad – it is a petroleum based product that leaches toxins into the water, especially when exposed to heat or sunlight. Leave a bottle in the sun for a week and taste the water – you’ll see what I mean.

6.  5 Gallon bottles, made of Lexan.  Supposedly the plastic is bad for you – I’ve never been able to taste any chemicals even after the water has been sitting for months.  It doesn’t mean that they’re not present,  I just think if there is any, it’s probably a small amount.

7.  The small hard plastic “pet” bottles are made of a harder plastic and less likely to leach, they’re the safest of all. Of course, glass is the best,  but good luck finding any water sold in glass bottles

Going back to the 5 gallon bottle – those bottles are re-used. You don’t know what’s been put in them from the last person that’s had them, and the cleaning process is really not that good. I have lots of stories on that issue alone.

In general – if you want pure water – filter it yourself.  Get a good water filter and use a trusted source. I prefer a well because many filters will not remove fluoride and none will remove nano-fluoride – the new direction the industry is going.

The bottled water industry is somewhat  self –regulated;  although they still can face fines and legal action if food safety guidelines are not followed.

Funny video but it’s very misleading and those idiots in the restaurant – a saying comes to mind – a fool and his money are soon parted.   Hope this helps.

bottled water

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Original Emailed Video in Circulation

FIRE WATER: Official Full Length Documentary

Plastics to Avoid


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