pc communications radio

Having alternate communication devices on hand during a disaster can help maintain some sort of communication, as well as help maintain a sense of self reliance during difficult times.  Have at least one of the following alternative communication systems:  ◾Wind up radios ◾Emails (if there is a power source) ◾Amateur radios ◾Family radio services offered by the FCC ◾CB radios

When making your choice, you should examine your own needs and match them with the appropriate communication system.

Here are some criteria for setting up an emergency communication system: ◾It should be easy to operate. ◾Have effective range. ◾Have a modest amount of protection against interference. ◾Be inexpensive (low initial cost, low maintenance cost and no monthly fees). ◾Be readily available. ◾Be able to operate “off the grid”.

Signal flares, flashing beacon or flashing emergency light. (I bought mine at a camping store.) ◾Compass for all members of the family over the age of 6. ◾Two-way radio. ◾Battery operated or wind-up hand radio, preferably an NOAA weather radio.


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