The Attitude of Survival: The Chicken Dance

You DO have to eat.  If you have been survival gardening, you may have egged out chickens, or just decided to raise meat chickens….

Make sure not to leave your kids out of the process.

These days kids are sequestered when it comes to food reality. It seems that EVERYTHING originates from the grocery store.  OH if they only knew!

Food Inc.  Follow the link     

 Keeping it chicken, it’s a hard luck life for sure, at the factory farm. For that, my guilt for personally ending the life of an innocent chicken is quelled.  After all, the homestead raised chicken gets to spend its life lazily basking in the sun, curiously scratching for feed…a little fly catching…..  In fact, the chicken has no worries, no problems, no past, no future….lives in the moment.  Pretty Zen, if ya ask me.   am kinda having chicken envy….just a little.

The kids can see the contrast by showing them what goes on in the factory farm…where the young chickens are engorged and too heavy for their legs to carry them….are whisked away literally into a vortex of death- perhaps experiencing terror and sufferage…..certainly feeling pain.  Millions of them.  In huge chicken farms- like super condos- full of all gross things chicken.  Broken legs, dead roomates, high anxiety… imagine the stress hormones cursing through their bodies!  Let’s eat that and wonder why people are violent and mentally ill these days. I digress, my bad.

The homestead chicken is lovingly, melodiously summoned by the person who has been hand feeding them all their lives….a bucolic lifestyle to say the least.  The once loving feeder now gently collects the chicken by the ankles and begins to swing- the centrifugal force pushing the blood to the head of the chicken. The sedated chicken gets peacefully laid on the chopping block- neck exposed by the pull of the rake engulfing its limp little head- the powerful swing of the axe, wedges through the neck bone- and the dizzy, headless chicken now rests in peace, bleeding out like a spilled bottle of port….running over the chopping block.

You have to make poetry out of it all in order to do it.  You have to be hungry. You have to be in survival mode.

How to best slaughter yourself a chicken. 

Informative video links below.
Click the link below to see the mechanics.
source:  Ryan Brooks of Sound of Freedom

Never naming a chicken Griffin again...or Daisy

Click the link below for some cool chicken biology.        

Need a Plucker?
Survival Skills with Russ

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared


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