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Indian River Drive Jensen Beach Florida 2004

Indian River Drive Jensen Beach Florida 2004

Are you prepared for infrastructure collapse?  If your debit card no longer accessed your money….if the food transportation system failed to transport….are you able to feed your family?  Do you even have a sustainable first aid kit?  Being prepared for long term disaster may be what makes or breaks you and your family.  Even if you are not ready to commit to gardening right now, having a plan and supplies ready to go is a wise choice.

Prep Consultants, LLC. can assist you with this process by providing you and your family with a custom survival plan- including drawings of your property, best placement practices for your garden, power options, food/fuel storage options, security systems…. Prep Consultants LLC. will meet with you personally, assess the physical property, gather your budget information to create an affordable and effective way for you and your family to survive in the face of disaster.  Increase your “Hunkerability”.  Call us for a low cost-pre consultation visit to find which route is best suited to you and yours.  Money well spent, and applicable to the price of your personal, custom designed survival plan. 

We can even have construction and installation done for you! 


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 Our products go through rigorous Research and Development before we offer them to our customer base and the general public. If they make it through the process, we can guarantee your satisfaction- the product will make it “On the Shelf”, available for order!



We are always trying new ideas for new products and services.  This portion of our website is here to keep our customers in the loop.
In this section of our site, you will have access to our secret developments… increasing our scope of inventory, and unleashing pertinent, useful and original products.  When an item is in the pipeline, you can expect it is being rigorously tested and up for approval.



So many controversial issues these days. However, knowing is half the battle, and we at Prep Consultants are always keeping in touch with what is going on- for our own personal awareness, and now to keep our customers in touch with “off the mainstream” news.  A survivalist should be aware of the challenges set before them- know your enemy as you know yourself- and win the game of survival.  We pass our knowledge on to you- you do what you want.

Survival Gardening?

garden rain barrel irrigation

Maybe you just want a “survival garden”!

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Living in a HIGH RISE? Check out Condo Prep Package, addressing the special needs of condo living.

Miami, Fl.  High Rise Condos

Yes we have our own ORIGINAL products. Check us out. Contact us to order until further notice….

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Prep Consultants goal is to create a survival plan for you and your family which helps maintain your quality of life in a post disaster situation.  This may result in your needing to make a few purchases.  Prep Consultants have compiled  a list of items by category for you to choose from.  By ordering items we have listed, you can be assured it has been tested and approved by us. You will also be helping support this effort by going through the affiliate programs we are enrolled in , and companies we have partnered with. 

Click the link below for access.

dept of common sense



The following list exemplifies just how much a person has to lose if they have failed to prepare themselves for emergencies. After a large enough catastrophe, the recovery time frame can be very long term, or potentially never for certain critical needs.

1. No clean water coming out of the faucets to drink.                                                            

2. No hot or cold water to shower, bathe with or wash your hands.

3. No washing machines or dishwashers to clean your clothes or dirty dishes.

4. No flushing toilets.  

5. No heat or air conditioning, not even fans.

6. No light at night.  

7. No grocery stores or home delivered food, no restaurants, no food period.  

8. No trash pick up of waste that will mound up and collect strong diseases.  

9. No medications, especially antibiotics, or simple over the counter remedies either.  

10. No vitamin or mineral supplements to help keep your body from breaking down.

11. No 911 help service at all.  

12. No mechanical transportation with any fuel to run anything.  

13. No protection, no law enforcement.  

14. No communications; no internet, no TV, no radio, no clue what is going on.  

15. No phones, no way of talking to people miles away, cutoff and blind.  

16. No refrigeration, no freezers, no food preservation from going bad quickly.

17. No stoves or microwaves to cook food.  

18. No easy prepare meals.  

19. No toilet paper, and no good alternative to toilet paper to those unaware.

20. No feminine toiletries.

21. No pest control against animals and insects that are very hazardous to your health.

22. No utilities; no gas, no electricity, no way to make anything function in your home.  

23. No advanced warning of weather, war, or other life threatening events.  

24. No odor control from rotting wastes and rotting corpses that stink too bad to mention.

25. No healthy food to maintain proper nutrition, leading to sickness and weakness.

26. No proper basic hygiene and bacteria control on the body, especially the teeth.  

27. No repair of tooth cavities or other life threatening oral problems.  

28. No pain control, no aspirin, no way to ease pain like from a bad tooth.  

29. No basic first aid to treat minor injuries that will become major.  

30. No replacements for worn out clothes, shoes, socks, underwear.

31. No replacement parts to fix something that is broken.  

32. No soap or disinfectants.  

33. No outdoor protection from the elements such as sunburns.  

34. No safety net that society provides. No welfare, no assistance, no government food.  

35. No sexual protection from the wide array of deadly diseases that are transmittable.  

36. No treatment for the sick and dying.  

37. No modern power tools to repair all that will be broken, no workable anything.  

38. No way of cleaning up messes that range from irritating to hazardous.  

39. No care, no help, no chance for medical needs of infants and children.  

40. No protection against rabies.

41. No means of easing chronic depression that will be very widespread and intense.

42. No outlets of entertainment to distract people from the overwhelming despair and fear.  

43. No familiar and basic everyday needs that give comfort and security to most people.

44. No way of getting to family and friends because of distance, or too dangerous to even try.

45. No respectable way of laying to rest someone dear to you.  

46. No way of protecting yourself and family from roaming gangs without enough firepower.  

47. No workable answers from rudimentary to complex problems that will present themselves often.  

48. No calling up your local professional help to repair something essential to you.  

49. No feeling of being civilized as losing everything and becoming dirty and unkept does this to anyone.

50. No way out without having prepared for such an enormous downfall of society.

These scenarios need to be prepared for.  Give Prep Consultants a call today.


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